IT Services

We have two wifi networks: EDUROAM – a european network, if you already have a username and password you can use it in the campus; FCSHUNL – it’s our own network and is open in the campus, free access in all the buildings (including ID).

Two Rooms:
Tower B, level 2, Room T8, open from 9h-18h;
Block 2, IT Services, open from 9h to 20h. In the IT Services there are three assistants in the Help Desk that can give assistance in that room and be in contact with the volunteer from the other room (Tower B). In informal ou emergency cases we can print there (papers, boarding cards, etc).
In Tower B are student rooms in level 2 and 3 with tables and electric points to charge or connect the laptops. The IT Services room have also tables with this kind of connections beside the regular pc (no password is needed to work with them).
In the IT Services theres printers that work with cards, bought by the students in the academic services, that are used to take photocopies or print but that will be much more confused because delegates must buy the card before and the services schedule ir very limited.

Tower B, level 0, printing point – 9h30-18h (paid)
Block 2, printing point – 10h30-12h00, 14h00-18h00 (paid)
USB memory sticks can be used.


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